We need your support to challenge the largest players in the food system!


Recent events have underscored the urgency that led us to Uprooted & Rising. The latest IPCC report on climate change, not to mention the flooding of hog confinements in North Carolina, underscored how important it is to move away from factory-farmed meat. The current political threats to food stamps remind us how vital it is to envision real solutions to hunger not regurgitations of the same limited formulas.

The answers our generation needs should should rise up from the communities we come from. The answers our generation needs should be freed from any corporate agenda and rooted instead in our communities.

We believe in the power of people.

We believe that when we support each other to organize we WILL see an end to end higher education’s support for Big Food corporations and white supremacy in the food system and we will celebrate our generation’s support for food sovereignty. 


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